What You Must Know About Franking Machines

If you run a business and have large volumes of mail to send, then a franking machine is a good choice for your business. This is a device that prints postage stamps along with your company's logo on envelopes and postcards. It is a quick and easy way of dealing with hundreds of business letters either daily or monthly.
These machines come in various configurations to fit different requirements of the people who need them. Based on their configuration, they have varying franking speeds and letter weighing capabilities. They also have an easy and flexible way of paying for postage as and when required. All franking machine ink providers need to have a contract with the Postal Services Department of a country.

The machines of a provider are set up in the network of their servers and customers get connected to them through a phone line. Whenever a customer uses the franking machine, the servers of the franking solution provider communicate with the servers of postal services and banks to check if there is enough balance in a customer's account to make the transaction. The entire process takes a few seconds.

Therefore, to use the franking machine, a customer must first deposit cash in a bank designated by the postal services department. The servers of the bank, franking machine lease  provider and the postal services department are in sync with each other to facilitate the service. When a customer uses the franking machine and does not have enough balance in the bank, their transaction is usually declined.

Franking machines are beneficial to both the customer and postal services department. They save time that could be otherwise spent queuing to get stamps. With the franking machine, stamps are purchased online. They prevent over stamping and under stamping because they come with a weighing scale that gives you the exact weight of your mail and correct postage charge for your mail.

Franking machines enhance the image of a company. They are customized to include the logo of a company and promotional messages for advertising and branding. The instructions to return the mail back to the sender can also be printed. The machines are very fast and process a batch of mails per minute, thus saving time.
The franking method is more economical as compared to traditional stamping because no money is lost on over stamping and a great deal of time is saved.